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December 25, 2011
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January 4, 2012
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One of the first things people do when they see white ants, termites, is to grab a can of household insect spray, or in a recent case grab a can of insect repellant! And blast away at the bugs. There are some minor pest control jobs that you can probably handle by yourself with a quick spray of fly or ant insecticide. However, there are more serious pest infestations that require professional help and a call to a trusted
Sydney termite exterminator. Insects that damage the foundation and wood frame holding up your home leave behind severe damage when left to do what they love to do. Chew up wood.

Unlike pests like carpenter ants that chew on the decayed timber, termites can quickly destroy wood products you use to make your home look great! These can include timber floor boards, wooden entry doors, paneling, wooden window frames and wood trim. When you discover the damage in the visible areas it is really disappointing. The good news is the damage is visible and relatively easy to replace. However, the fact you could see the damage begs the question of what is going on underneath the walls. Before any more damage is done, invite a Sydney termite exterminator in to evaluate the situation by carrying a complete termite inspection of your property.

You are generally much better off hiring a trusted professional to handle these types of situations. It’s also a no brainer to hire a professional anytime that a bug problem gets out of hand. You may think that it’s easy to determine when the situation gets out of control, but often times it’s not. Here are a few warning signs that indicate you need to hire a professional Sydney termite exterminator.

1. You haven’t had a termite inspection in the last 12 months.

2. You see some timber damage and are not sure if it is caused by timber rot or by termite damage.

In general, when you see termite damage there is a lot more hidden beneath the surface damage. Termites get into crawl spaces, inside foundations, and even in the attic. Sydney termite exterminators know exactly what to look for and they have tools to help them estimate the severity of the damage. These professionals go into areas most people don’t care to visit. Or places where people would rather not to visit! Like your damp subfloor or your tight roof void.

3. You can’t seem to find the nest.

This is a big problem. If you can’t find out where the pests are breeding then you need termite professionals to eliminate the problem. They can also commute easily in a very hard to see or access in places like cracks, attics and interior walls. A trained Sydney termite exterminator professional will know where they may hide from view and will be able to find their hiding places. This is a skill that home owners don’t have. Sometimes termites can even be in between drywall and the framework or where areas are damp and moldy and just in gross places. Leave this nasty investigation to the pros.

4. You are not able to identify which pest is causing the problem.

The key to successful treatment is to be to identify which pest you need to treat for. If you have no idea, then you need to hire a professional Sydney termite exterminator to properly treat your home. They can tell if the problem is just a normal decay (water damage) or caused by ants, decay moths, weathering, termites or combination of some of the above.


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