July 4, 2010

Termidor Termite Control vs DIY Advert

Many home owners are tempted to try Do It Yourself or DIY Termite Control. This clever TV advertisment from America for Termidor includes termites describing what […]
June 20, 2010

Every minute counts with Termite Protection

Termite Treatment is not something you can put off. Termites are amazingly efficient eaters of timber. In USA they are doing $10,000 worth of damage every […]
June 4, 2010

Termidor TV Advert Dinnertime

As you sit down to dinner are termites eating your home. This clever TV Advertisement from USA makes you wonder. Created by Termidor Termite Control. Enjoy […]
May 30, 2010

Dwarfs promoting Termidor Termite Treatment

On American TV you will see some funny advertisements for Termite Control. Here is just one for Termidor Home Termite Control. I can’t imagine this advert […]