October 29, 2013
Ready to install a termite barrier

Subfloor Termite Barrier

I have inspected thousands of homes and eight out of ten times, I find subterranean termites coming inside homes through the sub-floor. Rarely do they start […]
October 6, 2013
I am inserting termite insecticides under the slab.

Chemical Termite Barriers

Subfloor and Perimeter barriers Installing a termite barrier is one of the most effective and popular methods of prevention or eradication of termite colonies. A termite […]
September 12, 2013

Organic Pest Control Sydney and Perimeter Barrier

Organic Pest Control Sydney Organic Pest Control Sydney sounds romantic but is achievable. The key is to keep food and water away from pests or remove […]
July 29, 2013
Termites eating bait

DIY Termite Pest Control

Subterranean termites are shy insects. They forage between your walls and subfloor even in your roof void. Ignoring their presence or under-estimating the damage they cause […]