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Where Do Termites Live?

The type of termite determines where termites reside. But they generally live on wood and underground. As such, they can be found dwelling in and outside your home. These pesky pests might be secretly infesting your property without you noticing it. With a help of a professional termite company, they can meticulously find several indications […]

Favorable Conditions that Encourage Termite Infestation

Subterranean termite invasion is sometimes unconsciously encouraged by human carelessness, giving termites all the conditions conducive for their growth and development. And although minimizing the available soil moisture does not totally abolish the risk of infestation, it makes dry areas less appealing to most subterranean termites. When the reproductives (king and queen) have mated, they […]

Termite Species: What are the Different Kinds of Termites?

Termites have bred on Earth for at least the past 250 million years. And there are different kinds of termites—depending on your location and climate. Also, where termites build a colony depends on their types of specie and their ability to survive in warmer or colder environments. Read on below to learn more about the […]

Termite Damage: How Termite Can Greatly Harm your Home?

One of the most common questions about termites is: How serious can termites hurt my home? Well, simply put—termite damage amounts to billions of dollars each year. Never undermine these little creatures’ capabilities. They can slowly but surely destroy various things ranging from bearers and joists and floor boards to the roof rafters and more. […]

How to Choose a Professional Pest Control Company

Termite infestation is no doubt a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Besides the huge mess termites bring, they can as well cause massive damage to your home. Although insecticide sprays and bombs can eliminate some of them, it’s not as thorough and as good as when you hire a professional pest control company. The only dilemma now […]

How to Look for Signs of Termites and Termite Infestation

As you probably already know, termites are pests that can cause serious damage to your property. Without showing any mercy or discrimination, they invade any home or building with wooden materials—whether furniture or any wooden structure. More than just a nuisance, termite infestation can destroy your home and its value if you are not aware […]

Termites FAQs: Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions about Termites

What are termites? Termites are vital for the environment, they recycle dead timber back into the nature. They live for wood as their source of food; thus, these insects destroy wood in the process. Their existence dates back since the dinosaur era. And while termites are ecologically important, experts estimate they cause around $5 billion […]