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July 29, 2013
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Organic Pest Control Sydney

Organic Pest Control Sydney sounds romantic but is achievable. The key is to keep food and water away from pests or remove altogether in the case of termites. It’s about improving subfloor ventilation, drainage and removing loose timber. If termites are present you will need to eradicate them using safe termicides. DuPont, BAYER and BASF are extremely effective. Applied correctly they are extremely effective. Go hard on termites! Avoid undocumented household chemicals to kill them. Visit organic pest control sydney, australia for more information on termites and their eradication techniques. Attached is a photo of me in Machu Picchu the lost city of Incas. They were living there over 900 years ago. Incas were amazing in their engineering. They had an automatic reticulation system to water their crop. They were into hygiene and so they can teach us a little on Organic Pest Control Sydney. Rather than killing pests, they made sure pests wouldn’t have access to food or water inside their city. They would keep their crop in a special locked and sealed area away from insects and pest animals. They also had a clean sewerage system to keep unwanted pests and diseases away.

We are now one step ahead of Incas.

According to Organic Pest Control Sydney We can also install a chemical barrier to protect our home from termite infestation. Perimeter barriers are designed to prevent subterranean termites entering your home. In most cases I trench all around a property and then filled the trench with a repellent chemical designed to stop any termites from entering the house. In some areas where there is no direct access to dirt, I need to drill a hole every 250 mm and insert (normally 5 litres of) chemicals through the concrete slab or tiles or even bricks. These chemicals stay active in the earth for years depending on the chemical and the concentration. This is a great way of protecting homes against termite invasion.

I use non repellent chemicals such as Altriset and Termidor which infect the termites without being detected by them. Non repellent chemicals are generally less toxic, more effective but much more expensive. If you are installing a chemical barrier, ask the technician what chemical and in what concentration they are using. It’s sometimes worth spending extra money to ensure better and longer lasting results.

Before installing the line of defense you need to ensure that termites are not living inside your home. If a termite colony is residing near the bathroom without any earth contact, a perimeter termite barrier may be ineffective. The reason is that they won’t need to forage around the treated area . A colony may have a queen in the roof void for example in a corner where a blocked guttering provides her with water. Installing a perimeter barrier particularly with a repellent chemical can have disastrous consequences. So a termite inspection is a prerequisite for a successful termite perimeter treatment.

The other termite barrier is Subfloor termite barrier where a chemical barrier in the subfloor is installed to prevent termites from entering the property.


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