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Termite Inspector Sydney-How to Select Your Pest Controller

According to Australian regulations a termite inspector can’t be certified until he or she has inspected 40 buildings with a qualified Australian termite inspector. That training termite inspector must have a minimum of 2 years experience performing termite inspections.

If you are using a pest service now, ask if the inspector has the above qualifications. If he isn’t, you should consider changing to a different, perhaps smaller termite service provider. Why? Some larger pest companies may employ people to perform pest control services without the proper training.

When you use a responsible pest service company or one that only does termite inspections, you are going to have a better likelihood of getting a certified termite inspector. Just as importantly, your termite inspector is more inclined to stay with the same service provider. This means you get quality service done by a familiar face year after year.

Another thing to check for is if the termite inspector is insured. What does insurance mean in this business? Insurance companies that insure termite pest services require the termite inspector complete a form for every service. This form goes on file with the insurance company. If you experience termite damage after a service, then the insurance company checks the form for completeness. If it is incomplete or missing then the insurance company goes after the termite inspector to make the compensation.

Termite inspections take time. Your termite inspector should investigate around your home, under the home, and inside the home and inside your roof void. The termite inspector should make use of tools specifically designed for termite inspections. They should use the tools recommended by the Australian Standards like a tapper to “tap” the wooden doors, door and wall framework and window frames, a moisture meter is used to check for moisture in the building walls. Qualified and insured termite inspectors take their job very seriously.

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