We provide detailed termite inspection reports

As recommended by the Australian Standard AS3660, a termite inspection and report should be conducted yearly, even when preventative measures have been taken.

When you are choosing a pest controller, it is important to ensure they provide an inspection report. Here at Home Termite Control, an extensive property inspection and report is supplied with every job.

Our comprehensive reports are complete with all of the essential information you need including:

  • Photographic evidence of termite activity and/or of structural damage as a result of termites
  • Identification and presentation of high risk areas in and around your home
  • Recommendations regarding extermination
  • Sound advice on how best to prevent a termite infestation

Termite activity often goes undetected for a long period of time, as people are unaware.  If termite mounds are visible often this means that the infestation has been in place for some considerable time.

Contact us today to organise an inspection and report for your home to ensure peace of mind.