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If you think you have termites, there is no time to waste in calling for professional termite control services. Termites can go through wood flooring, doors, frame timber on windows and doors and structural timber in hours. You need to act quickly to obtain a thorough termite inspection and begin your extermination strategy.

If termites are infesting the structure of your building, the resulting damage can be hard for you to digest. Home insurance does not cover termite damage. All repair costs caused by termite problems come out of your pocket!

It can even be hard to get a bank loan to assist with the cost of repairing termite damage, especially if the damage is extensive, as a home with structural damage caused by termites isn’t very appealing to lenders.

Prevention is better than cure!  The small amount you will spend on a termite inspection is a tiny fraction of what you’ll spend fixing damage caused by termites.  Even if you have discovered termites in your home the sooner you act the more money you will save.

Today, options for termite treatments often only require a single application of an environmentally friendly chemical treatment or applying termite dust or a termite baiting system.

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Home Termite Control offers termite services throughout the Sydney, NSW region. We are based out of Wahroonga, but our scope of service includes Sydney, Artarmon, Balmoral, Brookvale, Northern Beaches, Chatswood, Forestville, Gordon, Hornsby, Lane Cove, North Shore, St. Ives, Turramurra, and Wahroonga.

Our technicians are highly trained in all Sydney conditions and species of termite and will reliably identify and recommend the most effective treatment and prevention options for your unique circumstances.

Contact us today at 02 9454 7774 or 1300 Catch to arrange for termite services. Let’s get rid of termites starting today!