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Termites Love and Need Water-Protect Your Home

Recently Home Termite control inspectors investigated termite damage that destroyed a client’s roof. The building was concrete as was the foundation. In fact, the only timber damage in the building was the roof. Termites did so much damage to the roof framework that it had to be replaced.

How did the termites find the wooden roof four meters off the ground level? The roof leaked. Termites need water to survive. When the rain leaked through the roof the water travelled along the wood and down the walls. Termites can taste the water and recognize timber ligaments in it. Termites on the ground followed the moisture trail to the roof. Once there, they found the wooden timbers and made a meal of them. So do not ignore the additional damage a leaky roof can cause. Protect your home from termites and fix a leaky roof.

Another common way termites find their way into homes is through the use of wood or bark ground cover (mulch). People use wood based ground cover in the landscaping around the home. When it rains water travels down the roof to the gutters and down the downspouts onto the ground cover. The ground cover captures the water and keeps the area moist. This is great for your plants and bushes. Since termites need water, the moisture is also great for attracting termites.

As the ground cover starts to decompose the termites help it along. Termites eat up the ground cover and eventually find ways to enter the building through gaps in the foundation or walls. If you must use a ground cover, mulch, use the termite resistant varieties. To protect your home, ground cover made from Cypress pine does not break down as quickly as it carries a pine resin. This causes the bark to last longer keeping it more termite resistant. However, it will eventually succumb to termites.

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