Do you Have the Best Protection Against Termites?

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Termites can devour 5kg of wood per month, but they don’t stop at wood(*1). They can chew through:

• Fabrics and carpets.
• Wood flooring.
• Frame timber on windows and doors
• Structural timber, and they;
• Disrupt the integrity of slabs by tunnelling underneath them.

Remember not to disturb termites if you find them on your property. Contact us immediately to assess and treat the infestation. Once termites have been disturbed, they will quickly move to another area and be even harder to locate(*2).

Termite Damage is Not Covered by Insurance

If termites are infesting the structure of your building, the resulting damage can be hard to digest. Home insurance does not cover termite damage(*3). All repair costs caused by termite problems come out of your pocket!

It can even be hard to get a bank loan to assist with the cost of repairing termite damage, especially if the damage is extensive. This is because a home with structural damage caused by termites is not very appealing to lenders.

Prevention is essential to avoid thousands of dollars in structural repairs. Many homeowners schedule annual termite inspections to ensure infestations are caught before they become a problem(*4).

Environmentally Friendly Home Termite

Altriset is the most environmentally friendly product available on the market. See Brad mixing it for the best results in this video. Learn more about environmentally friendly termite treatments.

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