Termite Inspection and Training Courses for Homeowners

Termite Video Tutorials for Home Owners

The Complete Guide to Australian Termites and Pests In-Person and Online

Here at Home Termite Control, we want to use our knowledge to empower fellow homeowners to learn more about termites and how to prevent them. This is why we run termite inspection and training courses for homeowners.

The Homeowners Online Termite Training Program

Across 14 different video tutorials, we provide a complete guide for dealing with termites.

The reason we are providing this training program is to educate and empower homeowners to be:

• Proactive – prevent termite related disasters on your property.
• Prepared – Should an outbreak be located, learn how best to respond.
• Informed – When you need to call in experts, you will be well informed on all aspects of termite services.

Learn the following (and much more):

• How to identify if termites are active in and around the home.
• How to inspect your sub-floor and roof.
• Types of prevention systems available.
• Types of treatment methods available.
• Discover environments in and outside your home which appeal to termites.
• How to tackle each unique situation, and much more.
• Homeowner questions answered by professionals.

 You can learn more by visiting our sister site – Termite Tutorials for all the course details.

Online and In-Person Courses

Our termite training courses are available to access in-person and online. We host courses at Macquarie Community College(*1). Keep an eye on their website for new dates.

For online access to the tutorial videos and courses, become a member of Termite Tutorials(*2). Safely study from anywhere and protect your home for years to come.

Brad and the team are only a phone call or email away should you have any questions.

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Nasutitermes exitiosus termites, prefer hardwood.

Busting the Myths on Termites

There are many myths and misconceptions around termites. Our courses tackle these myths head on. We provide:

• Helpful information to homeowners around termite management.
• Answer questions.
• Bring in live termites to study their activities with students to in-person classes.

Do houses with steel structures attract termites?
Can termites chew through hardwood?
Will termites travel across the property to reach the house? 

The answer to all three questions above is YES.

Termites are attracted to cellulose, which is found in wood, paper, plant matter and many more products(*3). Once a food source is located, they will not leave on their own accord. Termites can travel 100s of metres across properties.

Termite and Pest Control Course Details

Participants learn how to recognise the signs of termite damage and how to reduce the risk of infestation. We also cover other common pests such as cockroaches, spiders, and wasps.

Course name: Termite Control
Duration: 1 session lasting 4 hours
All materials needed are supplied by the teacher.

Information About Your Teacher

As a fully licensed pest controller with over a decade of experience, Brad is well equipped to educate on:

• Termites
• Termite prevention and extermination methods.
• Other pests found in and around the home.

Brad’s entertaining nature captivates students for the entire four hours of class time. Expect quality information and to have all your questions confidently answered by Sydney’s most trusted pest control expert.

To enrol, please head to the Macquarie Community College website or termitetutorials.com.au.


1.Community College Course Content
2.Termite PDF Downloads

Brad is looking forward to meeting you and equipping you with the tools to protect your biggest investment.



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