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termite tutorialsWe offer courses in termite management for homeowners

Termite Tutorials – Online Training Program

Here at Home Termite Control, we want to use our knowledge to empower fellow homeowners to learn more about termites and how to prevent them.

As a world first, we offer an online tutorial video program that is complete with sixteen videos. These videos cover subjects such as how to identify termite activity in your home, how different treatment and prevention methods work, environments around your home that attract termites and how to address these and many more.

You can find out more by visiting Termite Tutorials

Termite Control – Macquarie Community College

There are many myths and misconceptions around termites and we run a course  at Macquarie Community College designed to tackle these. We provide helpful information to homeowners around termite management, answer any questions they may have and bring in live termites to study their activities with students.

Throughout the course, participants learn how to recognise the signs of termite damage and how to reduce the risks of infestation to their property. We also cover other common pests such as cockroaches, spiders and wasps.

Duration: 1 session lasting 4 hours
All materials needed are supplied by the teacher

Information about the tutor
As a fully licensed pest controller with 9 years of experience, Brad is well equipped to educate participants on termites, their prevention and extermination methods. He obtained a Pest Management Technician qualification and his entertaining nature captivates his students for 4 hours of class time.

To enrol, please head to the Macquarie Community College website.

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2.Termite Handouts

Macquarie Community College

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