Have You Booked a Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection for Your New Home?

Comprehensive Pest Control and Termite Inspections in Sydney

Pest and termite inspections take the stress out of dealing with infestations and property damage. Should you have an infestation, the earlier you call pest control specialists, the better.

Are you purchasing a home? Before you sign the dotted line, book a pre-purchase termite inspection. Save yourself the unnecessary worry and $1,000s by knowing what you need (or don’t need) to treat on your new property.

Do you live in a property that features wooden structures, fences, or outbuildings? Are you looking to purchase a new home? Contact Home Termite Control today to safeguard your home and investments.

Protect Yourself with Annual Pest and Termite Inspections

Many homeowners are not aware of how serious termite infestations can become. Some hope the termites will go away or think they won’t cause much damage. Termites will chew and destroy:

• Decaying and fresh wood sources
• Drywall
• Wallpaper
• Fabrics and carpets, and;
• Even swimming pool filtration systems(*1).

Termites do not leave good food and water sources behind without human intervention.

Mainland Australia provides the perfect habitat for 100s of termite species to flourish(*2). If you want to protect your home from unnecessary damage, it is essential to organise a yearly inspection. Sydney residents can rely on the expert services of our qualified, fully trained, and experienced technicians at an affordable price.

What Equipment is Used in Termite Inspections?

Discover the equipment Home Termite Control uses during their comprehensive termite inspections in this video. Get your inspection and written report (in compliance with Australian Standards) organised today by

Contacting Us

Pre-Purchase Home Termite Inspections

Are you buying a property? A pre-purchase inspection ensures you avoid any nasty surprises later. Repair and treatment costs rise as the infestation escalates so, be sure you know what you’re getting into. It can also be beneficial for sellers to organise inspections. An independent report can help prevent buyers from being hesitant to buy.

The Four Stages of a Termite Infestation

The four stages of a termite infestation are(*2):

  1. Colony established 50m from home.
  2. Galleries built to the border of the home.
  3. Penetration of or bypassing of barriers (if there are any in place).
  4. Integrity loss and complete failure of structural and non-structural beams, decks, posts, doors, window, and door frames etc.

My Neighbour Has Termites. Do I need to Worry?

Yes! Your property is at risk. This is especially so if the species’ have multiple nests (such as Schedorhinotermes(*3)). Get an inspection, eradicate any infestations and establish a long-term prevention plan.

Our Termite and Pest Solutions

The inspections provided by our team looks at the entire property for signs of pest activity. Inspections usually take two hours as we are very thorough. We check those hard to reach areas that termites love:

• Attics
• Under subfloors and concrete.
• Behind walls.
• Hot water overflows.
• Skirting boards and architraves.
• Condensation pipes from air conditioning units.
• Gardens and trees.

Once the inspection is complete, we provide:

• An extensive report with our findings.
• Recommended treatment/s.
• Advice on preventative measures to protect the property in the future.

Five-Star Inspections and Treatments

We not only do inspections, but we can also administer all necessary treatments. This saves you money and time to source another company for professional treatments. For extra peace of mind, know that our treatments are:

• 100% environmentally friendly and;
• Non-toxic to humans, pets, and essential organisms.

Sydney is a high-risk area for termites. We encourage clients to be proactive and act quickly if they suspect an infestation.

Book a pre-purchase building and pest inspection or annual inspection today on 02 9454 7774 or 0488 991 126.


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