Eliminate Termite Colonies with Eco-Friendly Baits and In-Ground Systems

Advanced Termite Baiting Systems, Traps and Stations

Get advanced termite baiting stations installed to eliminate termite colonies. Eco-friendly treatments that do not harm you, your pets or the environment are our standards. No harmful poisons!

Establishing systems of termite traps and baits around the house is a highly effective way of:

• Eradicating the entire colony.
• Addressing multiple colonies.
• Targeting termites only – leaving essential organisms and insects to thrive.
• Treating termites without risking the health of you, your family, or pets.

What is a Termite Baiting System?

Our termite baiting systems contain a specific wood that appeals to subterranean termites. The systems are strategically placed around your home by a pest control technician. They become the first preference for food and water over other materials in the area (like your home)(*1). We also specialise in above-ground baiting systems and a range of different traps and baits.

Do Termite Bait Stations Kill Termites?

Yes. Unlike deterrents, baiting systems kill the entire colony. The poison used not only clings to the termites but is also ingested. When the workers return to the nest, the bait is shared with the queen who disperses it throughout the colony. Once the queen is eliminated, the colony dies off. More on this process can be found below.

How Often do Baits Need Checking?

The first check of termite baits usually occurs after three to four weeks(*3). The time can differ depending on the situation:

• Time of year. More regular checks may be required in spring and summer when termites are highly active.
• Where the termite activity is located on the property, the movement is found. An infestation in the house that is causing damage will need a more urgent response.

When monitored regularly, baiting systems can be used to detect termite activity before they progress to your home. This provides the opportunity to prevent a home attack altogether. If activity is detected, poisoned baits are placed inside the baiting systems.

Effective Termite Baiting

Learn how Home Termite Control’s eco-friendly termite baiting works so effectively. Brad discusses Nemesis treatment and how he eradicates multiple nests in his homeowner course


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How to Eradicate Multiple Nests

Most termite colonies have one queen and one nest but not the Schedorhinotermes termite(*2,4). This species spreads out their nests and have multiple queens. When dealing with this genus, we set up stations at specially selected locations. Eliminating multiple nests can take a little longer, but we can do it.

How Do You Know Baits are Working?

The first thing that happens once the bait reaches the queen is her eggs become infertile. Once the colony realises the queen has become infertile, they will kill her. The worker termites are the next caste to perish, followed by the soldiers(*2).

When your pest controller checks the baiting stations, they will be looking for signs that the baits are working effectively.

  1. More active soldiers than workers and the increase of fatalities of the workers.
  2. Increased numbers of dead soldiers.
  3. Any soldiers that have not succumbed to the bait will be hungry, angry and stressed out(*2). They then start killing each other. When the pest controller starts seeing soldiers which have been decapitated, they will know that the last of the colony is insight.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

After many termite pesticides were banned during the 1990s due to their impact on other insects like bees, new termite baiting options were developed. They are now safe to use around the home(*5). Nemesis termite baits are extremely effective, eco-friendly and have been used by our experienced pest controllers for over a decade. We are fully accredited and approved to use Nemesis.

Our baiting systems are:

• Environmentally friendly.
• Highly effective in the extermination of termites.
• Safe for humans, pets, and other insects.

Local Expertise

Our technicians are highly trained in all Sydney conditions and species of termite. They will confidently identify the species of termite then recommend the most effective treatment and prevention options for your unique circumstances.

Get in touch with our team today to find out whether this solution is right for your needs.



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