Building and Termite Inspection Report (Cost and Process)

Inspections for New Purchases and Ongoing Maintenance

Sydney provides the perfect environment for termites to breed. Homes should have a minimum of one building and termite inspection each year. Even if you have barriers in place, regular inspections are essential. Termite reports should be completed by licenced, qualified, and insured technicians – and be an affordable cost.

Why Are Building and Termite Inspection Reports Important and are They Costly?

Initial and ongoing inspections ensure your home is protected against termite damage.

Leaving termites unchecked costs homeowners on average $10,000 for extensive treatments and repairs(*1). Our standard inspections are a fraction of that cost at $249.

Before employing a pest company, ask if they will provide a complete report which complies with Australian Standards. If you decide to sell your home down the track, a history of regular inspections and treatments can be invaluable.

Pre-Purchase Building and Termite Inspections (Property Inspections)

Building inspection reports are essential to organise before purchasing a property. The last thing you want is to buy a property only to discover costly damage repairs.

Always remember to ask the real estate agent for any prior inspection reports on the property(*2). The recommended time to keep a copy of an inspection report is three to 10 years(*3). If the agent is not aware of any prior inspection reports, be sure to organise one. Infestations can escalate very quickly.

Annual Inspections for Ongoing Maintenance

As recommended by the Australian Standard AS3660, termite inspections should be conducted annually. This is even when preventative measures are in place(*3,4). Annual checks provide the opportunity for your technician to eradicate infestations before they become a problem.

Why Our Clients Call Us First for Termite Reports and Treatments

Hear from one of our clients who has experienced the professional service of Home Termite Control in this video. Termite reports give homeowners peace of mind at an affordable price. If termites are located on your property, we can discuss treatment methods with you on the spot.

What Should You Expect from Our Inspection Reports?

We believe in educating and providing our clients with precise information. Before going ahead with treatments, you will know:

• The species of termite/s.
• Exactly where they are located.
• Termite related house damage.
• Damage that is expected to occur or areas at risk.

Our team will answer any questions you have. We want to make sure you can relax without any worries about termite damage in your home.

Over the course of a couple of hours, we will check:

• The interior of your home.
• The exterior of your home.
• The surrounding yard.

We use the latest technology to check walls, under subfloors, the roof and more. Being thorough is vital because some termites will travel as far as 50m from their nest to food and water. They are also excellent at hiding and staying out of sight. Knowing where to look and how best to assess specific areas of the home without causing damage is what we do best.

Our comprehensive reports are complete with all the essential information you need, including:

• Identification of genus and species of termite/s.
• Photographic evidence of termite activity and structural damage from termites.
• Identification and presentation of high-risk areas in and around your home.
• The potential damage from termite infestation and activity.
• Recommendations on extermination.
• Sound advice on how best to prevent a termite infestation in the future.

On a day-to-day basis, most people do not notice termite activity so, it can go undetected for some time. This is because termites are usually located away from bright light sources. If termite mounds or mud tubes are visible, it is likely the colony is well established.

Sydney residents have turned to Brad and the team’s experience and professionalism for years. Contact us today for an inspection and report for your home to ensure peace of mind.


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