Termite Dusting Treatment Powder & Termite Wood Dust

Trained and Accredited Technicians in Termite Control

When one-third of Australian homes are at risk of termite infestation, we must be ready to respond with effective treatments. We regularly use termite dusting treatment powders and termite wood dust. There are many methods and techniques available to treat termite infestations. Each method is highly effective when used in the right circumstances.

Not only are there 350 different species of termites in Australia, but your home can be infested by more than one species at a time. There are also factors such as the location, condition, design and material of your home, garden, and immediate surrounding area.

Trained and Accredited Technicians

It is essential that your home is assessed by a professional.

Trained technicians can:

• Correctly identify the termite species.
• Locate the colonies and main nest.
• Advise which treatments will be effective against the species.

Most importantly, termite specialists correctly apply treatments, ensuring:

• Your family and pets are not put at unnecessary risk of coming into contact with toxic insecticides(*1).
• The treatment reaches and infects the queen and the colony.

Is Termite Dusting Powder Effective?

As mentioned earlier, one in three Australian homes (excluding Tasmania) are at risk of a termite infestation(*2). As termite experts, we know how important a fast and effective response is. Termite dusting powder is an effective method we utilise when dealing with certain termites.

Termite Dusting

We use Termi Dust from Bayer to eliminate entire termite colonies. Termite dusting is incredibly effective when using the right products in the right circumstances. This video explains how termite dusting works and how the dust is applied.

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Does Termite Dusting Eliminate the Queen?

It is important to select a treatment that will get to the queen and nest to ensure the colony is eradicated. Before dusting, we first locate the colony closest to the queen(*3). This is because eradication of the colony relies upon the queen perishing. The queen can produce thousands of eggs every day.

How Does Termite Dusting Powder Work?

The dust is applied to areas of termite activity. As they move around, the dust clings to the termites’ exoskeleton and carried to the nest. The termite dust we use is slow acting which allows enough time for the workers to transport the dust to the queen and colony(*4).

It is passed on to other termites during normal feeding and grooming activities. An interesting fact about termites is that they are cannibals. So, when one infected termite dies, others will eat it and ingest the poison(*4).

 This is a great method to use during the summer as termites are more active in the warmer weather.

How Long Until the Colony is Eradicated?

This process can take 3-9 weeks to exterminate a colony with one nest. However, re-dusting may be required. Dusting is best used to slow the initial activity before using another treatment. Because dusting is a short-term solution, we recommend combining it with other methods.

Combining Baiting and Dusting

In many scenarios, we start with baiting and combine with a dusting treatment to finish it off. The baiting stations can be left in place and used as monitoring and baiting stations again later. More on baiting and monitoring stations here.

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