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How We Eliminate Termite Nests in Your House, Trees and in the Ground

Have you found termite nests in or near your house? It is no secret the extensive damage termites can cause to Sydney’s homes. If you find a nest, it is important to act fast before you are faced with costly repairs. Termites travel considerable distances to reach the walls and ceilings of our homes. Some move in the ground out of eyesight. Even brick walls can become nesting sites for termites!

Contact a termite specialist immediately if you:

• Suspect termites or;
• Have not had an inspection this year. Spring and summer are when termites are highly active and when swarmers leave the nest to make new colonies.

We can use a combination of treatments to ensure the best results for your property. We also re-check the area to ensure there is no longer any activity.

Termite Nests

You may be surprised where you can find termite nests and the variety of structures they can build. From trees and in the ground to our houses in walls, ceilings – and even on brick walls.

Below, we answer some common questions about termite nests:

1. How do termites make nests?
2. Where do termites make nests?
3. How do you destroy a termite nest?

Termite Nest Identification

In this video, Brad gives a glimpse into the world of termites. Did you know that different termite species require specific types of treatments? Identifying the type of termite is the first step in eradicating termites from your home.

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1. How do termites make nests?

Termites collect soil and mix it with water and saliva to make their nests(*1). These mud structures are built on or in the ground, depending on the species. Not all termites cause damage to houses so be sure to contact a professional to identify the genus. As the colony grows, more workers emerge to build tunnels (galleries). These tunnels provide protection from the sun and predators.

2. Where do termites make nests?

Subterranean termites commonly found in Sydney homes build their tunnels in the ground(*2). You may not know you have termites until you start seeing damage to the house. If you find a gallery, you may be able to locate one of the ‘chimneys. These are vertical galleries that release methane gas produced by the termites.

3. How do you destroy a termite nest?

The most important thing is to eliminate the queen from the nest. Once the queen is gone, the rest of the colony will perish. Successful eradication of the entire colony comes down to:

• Identification
• Quality treatments (including those that don’t harm humans, pets, bees, and other insects).
• Effective application. Always get a professional to take care of termites.

Treatment types differ depending on the type of termite and where they are located. If you have termites in your walls or ceiling, it may be tempting to try to eradicate them from that area. Unfortunately, if the queen is not killed, she will keep laying eggs and sending more termites out.

Once you contact our team, we can treat the termite nest with a highly effective termiticide. It will quickly kill the inhabitants and termites that revisit the area.

Termite Swarms

Besides a termite mound, Sydney residents can also have problems with swarms. These are the flying termites that are on a quest to find a mate and start a new colony(*2). As they are often looking for an easy place to feed, homeowners will often find swarms landing on doors and window frames. They can also be found inside the home, which can mean an infestation is present. Humid spring and summer days are when swarmers are most likely to leave the nest and look for a mate and a food source.

Our follow up services and re-treatments are a part of the original fee. Call us today for an inspection and treatment plan.


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