We proudly offer environmental pest control in Sydney

Here at Home Termite Control, we are proud to offer our clients organic pest control in Sydney thanks to treatments provided by DuPont. Until recently, eliminating termites was an industry that didn’t fit into the trends of being eco-friendly. Luckily, DuPont changed this and developed an effective, environmentally friendly product called Altriset.

Altriset works by mimicking a substance in tree bark that termites love. The organic pest control paralyses the termite’s mouth making them unable to eat, and sticks to their bodies to be transported to the nest. Within as little as three months the colony is exterminated and you are termite free.

What makes Altriset a great form of environmental pest control is its ability to attack termites while leaving beneficial organisms like worms and bees unaffected. It is so safe to use in fact, that there is no need to wear protective gear when applying it to your property.

Results that last

As Altriset increases the social activity of termites, it doesn’t take long for the chemicals to reach the entire colony. Best of all, the effects of the treatment last long after the colony is eradicated as residual protection can still be found in the surrounding soil. This forms a barrier to stop new pests and can last for many years.

For more information on environmental pest control in Sydney and how you can improve the effects of the treatment around your property, call us today.