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Natural (and Effective) Pest Management Systems Available Now

We are proud to offer our clients eco-friendly pest and termite control in Sydney. After a decade of development, we now have DuPont. You and the environment can be protected from toxic chemicals while termites are eradicated. Environmentally-friendly pest control is natural – and effective. We use eco-friendly pest management products extensively across our jobs and highly recommend them to our clients. When we do our free follow-ups with clients, we are continually impressed with the results.

• Learn about our eco-friendly products below. Plus, do not miss our top 5 tips to prevent termites from reaching your home (at the bottom of this page).

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Safe Environmental Pest Control

Until recently, eliminating termites was an industry that did not fit into the trends of being eco-friendly. Luckily, DuPont changed this. They developed an effective, environmentally friendly product called Altriset(*1).

Why Do We Recommend Altriset for Termite Control?

Altriset’s many benefits include:

• A natural ability to target termites without harming honey bees, native bees, worms and other beneficial insects(*2).
• No requirement for our team to wear personal protective equipment while we are applying the product(*3).
• Low-to-zero toxicity. You don’t have to vacate your house. Your animals are safe to stay during the extermination as well.

Highly Effective Environmental Termite Control

Treating termites safely is now possible with environmentally friendly products. These products are so effective, we turn to them before any other products because they target termites and protect other insects such as butterflies and bees. Learn more from Brad in this video.

How it works

Altriset works by mimicking a natural substance in tree bark that termites love(*2). It sticks to the termite’s bodies and is transported back to the nest. Feeding on your house stops within hours. In as little as three months, the colony is exterminated – and you are termite-free(*1). This natural pest control paralyses the termite’s muscles and mouth, which inhibits them from eating. This muscle paralysis is why termites stop feeding on your house so quickly.

Results that last

As Altriset increases the social activity of termites, it does not take long for the product to spread through the colony. Unlike other products, Altriset stays active longer. This means that the treatment will reach the colony before the product becomes ineffective(*2). Best of all, the effects of the treatment last long after the colony is eradicated. Residual protection remains in the surrounding soil, which forms a barrier to stop new pests and can last for many years(*1).

You Can Help Protect Your Home Against Termites

Prevention is easier and cheaper than treating a significant infestation. That is not to mention, the cost and time needed for repairs in your home after a termite infestation. Prevention methods also allow you to avoid introducing harsh chemicals onto your property.

Here are five things you can do to deter termites from moving into your house

1. Clear shrubs and vegetation close to exterior walls.
2. Ensure sub-floors have ventilation.
3. Reduce humidity and moisture build-ups.
4. Remove timber from under and near your house.
5. Have a professional install an environmentally friendly barrier system.

For more information on environmental pest control in Sydney and how you can best protect your property, call us today.

For more tips on how to protect your home, feel free to browse our Home Termite Control YouTube channel and our blog posts.


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