Termite Inspection Cost

We’ll provide you with the best termite inspection cost

Here at Home Termite Control, we work hard to give you the best prevention in best termite inspection cost. As we provide all options including bait systems, chemicals, barriers and dusting, we can customize a solution to meet your needs. By taking the structure of your home and the species into account, we save you from wasting money on methods that fail to offer the best results.

Prevention is better than cure

Many home owners may not realize that their home insurance will not cover damage caused by termites. Protecting your home is always a wise investment to avoid damage to your property and costly repairs. Having an inspection every 12 months is highly recommended. Contact us today to book an inspection for just $249 termite inspection cost.

After a thorough inspection, we can determine the extent of the damage if an infestation is found before providing you with the termite inspection cost.

Act fast

If you find you have a problem with termites act quickly! It’s important not to disturb them and call a licensed pest controller to perform an inspection. To book one of our pest controllers, please call us today for a quote.

Before you select your termite pest controller watch this video