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Termite and Pest Services

Our wide range of services include:

• Barrier Systems
• Termite Inspections
• Termite Reports
• Termite Baiting
• Termite Dusting
• Termite Nest Eradication
• Environmentally Friendly Termite Control
• White Ant Control
• Pest Control

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Why Choose Us?

Here at Home Termite Control, we work hard to give you the best prices on:

• Inspections
• Prevention
• Treatments

As we provide a comprehensive range of services, we can customise a solution to meet your needs. By taking the structure of your home and species into account, we save you from wasting money on methods that fail to offer the best results.

Termite Inspection Costs

Termite inspection costs are a fraction of the cost of treating major infestations across your property. Watch as Brad works with Greig Witney from Witney Building Co to apply treatments across this property.

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Why Does Species Identification Matter?

All insects respond differently to each method and type of product used. When it comes to termites, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The correct identification of the species is essential.

Some termite species on your land may not be a risk to your home(*1). So, you may be paying for the extermination of termites that will never attack your home. Termites are essential for our local ecology.

Eradicating the correct species with the right products and applications:

• Protects your home.
• Protects our local environment.
• Saves you from wasting money on eradicating non-invasive termites.

Environmentally Friendly Products

We have been using environmentally friendly products with great success for over a decade. We highly recommend them for these two reasons:

1. They are highly effective at eradicating nests and significant infestations.
2. They are safe for you, your family, pets, and us. We do not even need protective clothing when we handle the products(*2).

Qualified, Accredited and Experienced

Professional pest controllers must stay up-to-date, trained and licenced(*3). We pride ourselves on offering our clients high-quality services, and we bring years of experience to every job. Our company consists of a small team of passionate and dedicated local people.

Prevention is Better Than a Cure

Many homeowners may not realise that their home insurance will not cover termite damage. Protecting your home is always a wise investment. Annual inspections are highly recommended.

Contact us today to book an inspection for the all-inclusive price from $249.

After a thorough inspection, we can determine:

• If termites or other pests are active on your property.
• The species of termite.
• The most economical and effective way to eradicate the infestation.
• Which affordable prevention measures would suit your home.

The Cost of Termite Infestations vs Prevention

Treating large infestations and the damage they cause costs homeowners $1000s. Annual inspections ensure you stay on top of any termite activity. They also allow technicians to ensure prevention systems are in good working order.

Act fast

If you find you have a problem with termites, act quickly! It is important not to disturb them and call a licenced pest controller immediately.

To book one of our pest controllers, please call us today for a quote.
Before you select your termite pest controller, be sure to watch the video above.


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