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Five Early Signs of Termite Damage

Termite damage can occur year round, but the highest activity is during rainy periods, typically in the spring and summer. Along with the flowering trees, tulips and daffodils, there is a termite colony maturing underground nearby. It’s in a homeowner’s best interest to recognize the early signs of termite damage. But bear in mind that termites can get attracted to your property during winter as your property is warmer than the outside. Indoor fire places and air conditioner will provide termites with the heat that they need. In that case their activity inside your home can be extensive.

In the summer termite alates (winged termites) find a partner then burrow into the soil to start a new termite colony. When the colony is mature, thousands of winged termites exit the nest and seek out a nearby food source. They will travel to that food source through mud tunnels or by flying in a swarm. Here are five sure signs of termite damage.

Top Five Indicators of Termites

While prepping landscaping and tending to spring or summer cleaning, keep your eyes open for these early signs of termite damage.

1. Mud tunnels on building walls and foundations
2. Swarms of winged termites
3. Live termites
4. Piles of detached wings
5. Wood damage

Termite Tubes

The mud tunnels are sometimes referred to as termite tubes and are made of a mixture of termite poop, saliva and earth. At this stage the main building material of the termite is ground soil. That means the termite poop is also made up of some soil particles. Subterranean termites have to keep their exoskeleton hydrated, so they use the muddy mixture to create tunnels leading to the food source. They exit the nest and crawl through these termite tubes.

Flying Ants

Often homeowners are surprised by an alarming number of “flying ants” in their home or on an exterior door made of wood. These swarms of winged ants are usually not ants, but are winged termites exiting their underground nest to forage and start a new colony in your home. Once termites get established in the vicinity of your home, It’s not unusual to do significant damage in a short period of time.

An insecticide spray and a quick job with your vacuum cleaner will suck up these insects, but it’s the termites you can’t see that are the problem. If you discover a few or even a single live termite in your home, do not delay calling an exterminator. DONOT disturb them as the pest controller need them active in order to bait the termite infestation property.

If you see a pile of wings it means your local termite colony paid a visit, and then paired off with a mate to go establish a new colony in the ground or inside a wall or inside your roof. Also, the nesting colony will eventually mature to chow hall, your home.

When you find window or wall frames with tunnel damage or even shredded into confetti, you have a pest problem. Sometimes you’ll notice mud in the tunnels. That is a sign that the subterranean termite visited you leaving behind a trail of termite poop and saliva in their path. Don’t delay calling your local exterminator a licensed and insured pest controller if you notice any of these early signs of termite damage. Time will not improve the situation or the cost of the repair. Call Home Termite Control to inspect and treat your termite problem.

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