Termite Infestation: How to Get Rid of Termites

Getting rid of termites is a very challenging feat. However, if you have them around, you simply don’t have a choice but to eliminate termites. Once a vicious termite species arrives to your home, Not only they can harm the structural stability of your house and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs, termite infestation can make it almost impossible to sell your house at the fair price. However not all the termite species attack timber in service. Your licensed pest controller can tell the difference.

The best line of attack against termites is to prevent them from invading in the first place. But once they are already present, there are some actions you can take to get rid of those annoying termites—and save your home. No 1 is to contact your pest controller and no2 is not to disturbing the termites.

Start by carefully looking around the house to identify termites’ existence; check your wooden furniture and structures for rotten or damaged wood. You may also want to gently tap or drill the suspected area to further search for hollow spots where termites have been. Also, termites generally come out during warmer seasons. Other things to look for are mud tubes/tunnels, termite droppings (brownish red, black, or tan), and termite wings.

As soon as you find out that you have termites or enough evidence, it’s time to leap into action. However, termite treatment is not a do-it-yourself kind of job. It is best to let a termite specialist handle getting rid of them. Call a professional to discuss your options for elimination, control, and prevention. A termite expert can as well properly apply termite treatments to destroy colonies and active infestations, which you can’t possibly do on your own.

Nevertheless, you can still do something to help by performing some preventive measures. Repair water leaks and worn-out faucets to keep moisture spots away, which promote termite growth and termites’ concentrations. Make sure that your gutters are clean and in good condition to keep your home moisture free. Pile firewood and other wood products at least six inches above the ground. Get rid of the timber debris underneath your house.

Observing some proper preventive measures, combined with the expertise of a termite professional is the best method to totally eradicate termites out of your premises. Once the termites are eliminated, you may still need to fix any damage that they have done, but you need a pest inspection regularly even after the colony eradication. New termite colonies tend to find their way through the same tunnels and underground “roads” that the eliminated termite colony had built.

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