What to do when your find a termite mound on your Sydney property

Have you found a termite nest near your property? It is no secret the extensive damage that termites can cause to Australian homes. If you find a nest, it is important to act fast before it is too late and you are faced with costly repairs. When you contact our team, we are able to treat the termite nest with highly effective termiticide that will quickly kill the inhabitants and termites that revisit the area.

Besides a termite mound, Sydney residents can also have problems with swarms. These are the flying termites that are on a quest to find a mate and start a new colony. As they are often looking for an easy place to feed, home owners will often find swarms landing on doors and window frames. They can also be found inside the home, which can mean an infestation is present.


We can use a combination of treatments to ensure the best results for your property. We also recheck the area to ensure there is no longer any activity. Our follow up services and re-treatments are a part of the original fee. Call us today for a booking.