The Best Answer for Termite Control – Pre-Treatment

This article is directed to building contractors, architects, new home builders and remodelers. The best way to protect property value and even increase its value it to put in place a sound termite control system before finishing out the building.

A termite control process that pre-treats the construction elements is cheap, yet extremely effective when compared to the cost of termite treatments after construction. Savvy builders understand that pre-treating a building for termite prevention is a benefit that buyers are willing to pay for and are demanding.

Pre-Treated Foundations vs. Post Treatment

When a foundation and supporting framework is treated with a termite control product, it is sprayed under the slab hence under the timber materials to build a chemical barrier between termites and timber. This means that the pesticide gets into all the cracks and openings that a post treatment can’t. Once termites have infiltrated a building all the pest control technician can do is spot treat throughout and around the home. Unfortunately, there will always be places that are inaccessible because they are blocked by insulation, paneling, ceilings and drywall. The best pre-treatment uses a termite pesticide, or termiticide, that is sprayed on and around the foundation before the slab is poured. Once the foundation is in place the area is sealed.

When room additions are planned, include a pre-treatment for termite control. Let’s step through a plan to treat for termites for a room addition at ground level.

1. Prepare the slab areas by filling and leveling and placing the footings.

2. Spray under the slab area with a termiticide prior to pouring the slab.

a. Start at one end of the area and spray the entire perimeter.

b. Pay special attention to the corners. This is where debris accumulates and termites congregate.

c. Use special anti termite material to close the areas where power and water lines run into the building.

d. Spray and use anti termite products in the area where the slab meets the older foundation on the home.

3. Poor the concrete slab.

Adding a pre-treatment to the cost of building your room addition or home is money well spent. When building a deck or porch, be sure to use treated lumber for additional termite control. The pests won’t chew through these timbers. The downside is that they may just tunnel over the wood to get to unprotected wood structure under the deck or inside the foundation. That’s one good reason not to store unused lumber under your deck. And remember to have a complete termite inspection in accordance to the Australian standards at least once every 12 months, that’s a minimum even if you have a good anti termite system installed in your property.

Give us a call prior to starting your construction or room addition. Let the pest controller know your plans so that he can coordinate the termite control treatment with the construction.

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