Where Do Termites Live?

The type of termite determines where termites reside. But they generally live on wood and underground. As such, they can be found dwelling in and outside your home. These pesky pests might be secretly infesting your property without you noticing it. With a help of a professional termite company, they can meticulously find several indications of termite invasion—and establish the most appropriate action to eliminate them.

Many types of termites can be found underground. These termites that live on soil are known as Subterranean termites. Signs of their presence can be traced by searching for mud tubes that connect their nests to their food supplies. These mud tubes serve as trail ways when they collect food and protection from harsh environmental circumstances, and natural enemies like ants.

Termites can as well thrive on the wood or timber that they feed on. Some signs of their infestation include leaks, cracks, and holes on wooden materials like posts, beams, doors, and floorings. Rotten wood, timber, and tree trunks in the backyard are also favorable places for subterranean termites to live and get nutrition.

In general, these cellulose loving creatures like to live in environments that provide them sufficient moisture and food. Being naturally fragile, termites also need shield from harsh weathers like extreme winters—including defense against enemies. These survival schemes can help you and termite specialists detect where they live, and perform necessary termite treatment.

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