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Worried about Buying a Home with Termite Infestation—Past or Present

Buying a house is a huge investment and perhaps one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. That’s why whether you’re buying an existing house or a newly built one, you need to ensure that the property is in excellent condition, well-maintained and is free of termite infestation. Here are some factors to consider when looking for a new home to buy:

Termite Inspection – Though termite disclosure is required by law in some countries, not all sellers will abide by it and some may not be even aware that they have termite infestation. Given that, home buyers must hire a licensed termite inspector to check the prospective home for signs of previous and current termite invasion. Ask for a pre-purchase timber pest inspection to be carried out by your licensed pest controller.

Termite Damage – Home sellers who know about existing termite damage should either fix it or decrease the selling price by subtracting the repair expenses. Buyers who still wish to buy termite damaged homes should negotiate the price keeping in mind the full cost of repair. Plus, they should make sure that the house has no current termite problem. A pre purchase timber pest inspection will answer all the questions in this regard. You can then contact the pest controller technician to provide more details on the eradications of the timber pest.

Termite Problem Precaution – Home buyers must never trust the seller’s declaration that a termite inspection (Sydney) has been performed without any proof. To be safe, you should demand for receipts, bonds/contracts and other written verification that termite inspection, termite treatment or termite repair has been really done. Read the termite inspection report and contact the termite technician who carried out the timber pest inspection and clarify the questions that you may have.

If you are worried that your dream house has a current or past termite problem, no need to run away from it immediately. But be sure to seek a professional termite inspector and exterminator to determine the extent of the infestation/damage, and they can as well advise you of what steps to take. Call Home Termite Control office and book yourself a termite inspection.

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