DIY Termite and White Ant Treatments

Termites in damp wood in backyard on ground, DIY White Ant Treatment.

Do It Yourself (DIY): Termite White Ant Treatment and Control

You have had a professional inspection and found out you have termites (white ants). If you choose to control a termite infestation by doing your own treatment, you have three do it yourself (DIY) options:

• Apply termite bait.
• Dust with termiticide.
• Insert termite insecticide chemicals into termite nest.

Tip: Do not Use Everyday Insecticide

Every day insecticide is ineffective because it is not formulated specifically for termites. The best-case scenario is that a household spray may kill a handful of termites. The most likely scenario to happen is the rest of the thousands of termites are:

  1. Alerted to the spray.
  2. Communicate with the colony, and:
  3. Scatter to make new entries to the timber sources on the property. While they still have a queen to lay thousands of eggs to replace the dead termites, they are not going anywhere (*1).

In each of the three DIY options below, I provide recommendations on the products to use. Also, keep in mind that some products will be more or less effective, depending on the species and the construction of the property . This is because each species of termite responds differently to different eradication techniques..

Know What You Are Dealing With

Once the species of termite has been accurately identified, you will be able to select the most effective product and treatment type. You will also need to know:

  • Where the termites are causing damage and;
  • Where their nests are located.

Subterranean termites are shy insects who work seamlessly together(*3). They forage between your walls and subfloor, and even in your roof void. Ignoring their presence or under-estimating the damage they cause can be catastrophic. Once you have determined the species of termite, investigate whether that species is likely to damage your house. Of the thousands of species around the world, only a fraction of termites’ damage properties (*2). Otherwise, they are essential for all ecosystems to thrive.

Three Do It Yourself Termite Treatments

Treating termites yourself – without training and field experience can be hit and miss. This is why we always recommend calling in professionals. If you do want to try to treat them yourself, here are three ways you can go about it.

  • Apply termite bait
    Once mixed with bottled water, the termite bait must be placed in the area where termites are most active and left for four to six weeks. It is crucial to use bottled, as opposed to tap water since termites have a highly developed sense of smell. Chemicals and chloride in tap water deter termites, thus defeating the objective of baiting them. Keep refilling the bait until the termites stop feeding. I recommend using Nemesis or Sentricon bait.
  • Dust with Termiticide
    This treatment requires you to dust termites with termiticide. Those dusted infect other members of the termite colony. This requires patience. You need to dust in every place where live termites are located over a two to three-week period. I do not recommend using Arsenic dust (it is highly poisonous so extreme care must be taken). Use less hazardous dust such as Premise or Termidor.
  • Insert termite insecticide chemicals into a termite nest
    This technique focuses on killing termites slowly within their nest or sub-nest. It is crucial to treat the main nest if possible where the queen is located. It is a highly effective way of eradicating an entire colony and takes approximately six weeks. Once the colony has been killed, it is important to install a perimeter or subfloor barrier.

Free Termite Treatment Quotes for Sydney Residents

If you need a free quote and live in Sydney call me on 0488 991 126 and keep your home, termite free!!

Termite Tutorial Videos

If you decide to carry out a DIY termite pest control, I suggest you visit my video tutorials web site. This site will show you practical and real-life termite treatment techniques. Even if you do not want to carry out the treatment yourself, watching the videos will give you the confidence to ask your pest controller questions.

I have come across people who trusted unprofessional pest controllers. Unfortunately, they paid a heavy price for it.


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