Finally! A Termite Treatment Safe for Bees and Worms

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January 4, 2012
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August 22, 2012
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In case you didn’t realise it, most traditional termite treatments are deadly to organisms such as bees and worms.  Therefore, many people who raise produce and flowers for a living have opted not to use these products.  That left their wooden structures vulnerable to termites.  Even beekeepers lost wooden bee hives to termites!

HTC Is Always Looking Out for Your Interests

Our friends in agriculture continually had to endure termite infestations because traditional termite baits and sprays were detrimental to the very organisms that helped make plants, trees and flowers possible – bees and worms.  So when we learned about this exciting new termite treatment from Dupont we couldn’t wait to share it with these folks.

This product is amazing.  Basically we treat an area where termites are active.  As the termites tunnel through a treated area they start to feel “funny”.  First, their mandibles (termite jaws) become paralysed, but they can still crawl around.  They just can’t continue damaging the wood.

Next, while they are crawling around wondering why their jaws are frozen, they bump into other termites in the colony.  That’s the bump of death because the chemical agent rubs off on the other insect’s body.  Now its jaws are paralysed. Eventually the termites die.

Literally within hours of contacting this termite treatment the pests can no longer continue their destructive dining.  At the same time they are destroying their own colony.  We’ve had tremendous success with this new program.  The fact that we’ve been able to help farmers, gardeners and beekeepers brings us tremendous satisfaction.  They are delighted, too!

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