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Natural Termite Control and non-toxic Treatment, A Natural way to get rid of termites. Dupont Altriset, Natural Termite Control Companies and Prevention.

A Natural Way to Get Rid of Termites, Safe for You (and the Bees and Worms!) 😊

Did you know that termite control companies can now offer a natural way to get rid of termites? In case you did not realise it, most traditional termite treatments and prevention methods are deadly to organisms such as bees and worms. The new product from Dupont called Altriset is non-toxic which means you, insects, and organisms and even your technician are protected.

Why Weren’t Older Termite Treatments Non-Toxic?

Thankfully, as technology has advanced so has our scientific understanding of the house-eating termite. In the past, we only had highly toxic products which could only be administered by registered, licenced pest controllers – and rightly so as they were (and are) very dangerous(*1). In 1995, organochloride chemicals were banned because of their disastrous effects on local ecology(*2). There are still 8000+ different pesticides available in Australia with many continuing to come under scrutiny because of their indiscriminate eradication of not just termites, but bees, worms, butterflies, and many other insects that are critical for biodiversity(*3).

New products are still strong and must be applied in the right quantities and the right places(*4). Only trained and registered technicians can use certain products, such as the environmentally friendly, Altriset from Dupont(*5).

Non-toxic termite treatment safe for bees and garden, Dupont Altriset, Now our agricultural & beekeeping clients can live termite free as well.

Natural Termite Prevention and Control (Finally!)

Many people who raise produce and flowers for a living (or as a hobby) have opted not to use any termite products. Many homeowners have not wanted to risk their pets becoming ill from traditional termite treatments either. That left all their wooden structures vulnerable to termites. Even beekeepers have lost wooden beehives to termites!

After years of development, Dupont Altriset is available for both commercial and residential use. It is a completely safe and natural product that targets termites only. Bees, worms, butterflies, and many other wonderful insects in our environment are not impacted(*6).

Altriset is safe for use around:

• Crops.
• Commercial flower propagation.
• Beehives.
• The backyard near vegetable patches and flower gardens.
• The house where there are pets.

How Does Altriset Get Rid of Termites?

This product is amazing! We treat the areas where termites are active, just as we would with any traditional products. As termites’ tunnel through the treated area, they start to feel “funny”.

  1. First, their mandibles (termite jaws) become paralysed, but they can still crawl around. They literally cannot continue damaging the wood.
  2. Next, while they are crawling around wondering why their jaws are frozen, they bump into other termites in the colony. That is the ‘bump of death’ because the chemical agent rubs off on the other insect’s body.
  3. The termites continue infecting each other and the colony dies.

Within hours of coming into contact with this treatment, the pests can no longer continue their destructive dining(*6). At the same time, they are destroying their own colony.

Our Experience with This Natural, Non-Toxic Termite Treatment

We have had tremendous success with this new product. The fact that we have been able to help farmers, gardeners and beekeepers brings us tremendous satisfaction. They are delighted, too! 

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