How to Choose a Professional Licensed Pest Control Company: 7 Tips

How to choose a pest control company, licensed pest control professional near me.

Searching For… Insured, Licensed and Reliable Pest Controllers Near Me in Sydney?

You will find a plethora of results when you search for a ‘licensed pest control company near me.’ So, how do you choose which Sydney company to hire? And, more importantly, which professional is going to do the best work to protect your home in the long run? Our advice is to take some time to do your research so you can make an educated decision. We have compiled seven crucial tips to help you protect your home (and your wallet).

From the Northern Beaches, Dural, The Hills, Hornsby, Frenchs Forest, Pymble to Chatswood. There are no parts of Sydney not at risk of termite infestations (*1).

Why is Sydney at Risk of Increased Termite Infestations?

Due to the change from El Niño to La Niña, Australia now has longer wet seasons and higher humidity – the perfect conditions for termites(*1,2).

Gather a List of Potential Termite Companies

Research and Word of Mouth Recommendations

Take some time to research termite exterminators in Sydney – keeping in mind that not all specialise in termite eradication and control. Friends, relatives, and colleagues may also offer recommendations of companies to check out.

Now, with a list of potential termite control experts, you can start evaluating them.

Top 7 Tips For Choosing Your Termite Pest Controller

Top 7 Tips For Choosing Your Termite Pest Controller

1. Licensing

Before anything else, check the controller’s license with the Environmental Protection Agency. All NSW pest controllers must be licensed as per the NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000. You can also ask to see a controller’s license at any time. If a company cringes at supplying this kind of information, cross it off your list and keep looking.

2. Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance

Are they insured? You can ask to see their public liability and indemnity insurance.

*** Unlicensed pest controllers cannot obtain insurance. This means you will have to foot the bill to repair damage or retreatments(*3).

3. How Long Have They Been in Business?

Consumers have recently been hit with pest control companies starting up in spring with multiple trainees. They work until Autumn when they close the business, leaving customers with no recourse if anything has gone wrong(*4).

4. Site Visits

Most credible pest control companies will schedule a free site visit before giving a quote. A preliminary appointment allows you to assess their punctuality and inspection process. Good companies will answer all your questions and provide explanations. They should also provide a written report for the termite treatment proposal.

5. Contracts and Guarantees

Carefully compare each contract to ensure:

• You perfectly understand the terms and conditions before signing.
• They include free follow-up inspections.
• There is a treatment guarantee (should your premises become infected again during the term of the contract).

6. References

Feedback and testimonials from previous customers are invaluable. You can ask them for three client references who you can contact, and you can search online. Below is the latest review posted on Google for Home Termite Control Sydney.

Google reviews Home Termite Control

You may also find reviews on YouTube.

7. Price and Quality of Services

The last step is comparing prices and the quality of the services offered – and booking in your inspection or treatment.

We hope this blog has helped you narrow down your search for a termite company!

Should you have any questions about how to choose the best termite and pest controller for your home, you are always welcome to contact us.



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