Understanding German Cockroach Extermination & Pest Control

German Cockroach Extermination Pest Control and Natural Roach Repellents

What Natural Cockroach Control and Repellents are Available?

Sydney is renowned for fabulous things. Nevertheless, its downfall is providing favourable conditions for pests, such as cockroaches to breed. With many trees and bushland around the region, pest infestations are something homeowners can expect. One of the problems homeowners must deal with is cockroach extermination. German cockroaches can be particularly menacing. They are found abundantly in homes, food areas, and toilets, among others. Fortunately, we do have various pest control methods available including natural repellents.

Cockroach Extermination Methods

Cockroaches reproduce at an alarming rate. Many homeowners believe that once you see one, there is a greater probability that there are many more nearby. This is true. Hundreds of them can hide in crevices, wall cavities and behind wallboards. Despite small life cycles, one female cockroach can lay 40 eggs at a time, meaning, within a month, cockroaches could take over your home.

What are the Best Pest Control Cockroach Methods for Sydney Homes?

1.    Insecticides

Many homeowners use insecticides to control cockroach populations. However, it is a tumultuous task. Quality insecticides reduce cockroach percentages considerably if you have the right one and the right application. Liaise with your local pest store shop for the best one for your circumstances.

2.    Setting Up Cockroach Bait

An alternative to using insecticides is baiting. Baiting is an effective and hazardous-free method of cockroach extermination. The procedure requires several steps.

Before setting a cockroach bait, survey the infested area to identify the hub of the infestation. Surveying can take some time. The goal is to set the baits in areas that are most heavily populated with cockroaches.

Proceed to place the cockroach baits in your nominated areas. For best results, use a slow killing poison. This will exterminate the cockroach slowly and give it a chance to return to the nest and spread the poison. Cockroaches feed on their dead counterparts so the slower the poison, the better.

3.    Exclusion

Since cockroaches are constantly on the move, the best way to control them is by breaking their movement patterns. Preventing cockroaches from gaining entry to your home is the best control method. This can be done effectively by sealing entry points in areas such as plumbing devices and wall outlets.

To exclude peridomestic cockroaches from entering your home, inspect your bath, kitchen, and toilets tap fixtures. Ensure there are none in there and check everything is sealed. Also, make sure you inspect grocery products and other purchases. This will reduce the chances of physically transporting cockroaches into your house.

4.    Keeping Your Home Clean

Cockroaches, just as other pests, love to hang out in unhygienic places.  Their preferred locations are dark places to hide with access to moisture and food. Pantries and kitchens are perfect environments for cockroaches.

  • Keep organic materials such as cereals, rice in sealed containers or jars.
  • Empty all trash components; containers, plastic bags and wash out your bin regularly.
  • Kitchen appliances should be kept clean condition, limiting any food particles on them.

5.    Reduction of Water Resources

Humidity is instrumental to cockroaches thriving. This greatly determines their survival rate, as they are unable to survive in hotter conditions. Begin by tightening all loose pipes around the kitchen sink, shower, and in the bathtub. Leakages in these areas can attract a great number of cockroaches. In addition, you should empty pet dishes, and make sure your toilet is kept dry.

Cleaning all moisture-infested areas can greatly reduce the likelihood of termite infestations. For outdoor areas, you should take steps to drain water catchments. This is a vital step to not only eliminating cockroaches but also mosquitos and other pests.

6.    Using Boric Acid

You could purchase boric acid from multiple online stores, or on your local grocery shop. Boric acid is an effective remedy for eradicating multiple pests. Home Termite Control recommends dusting as the boric acid tends to be less effective when wet. This method targets cockroaches that walk into the boric acid and can help exterminate them over time.

However, one of the disadvantages of boric acid is that it rarely gets onto the cockroach antenna. If you are not having much luck with boric acid, try sprays. Many cockroach sprays are available for purchase online as well.

If you have had enough of trying to eliminate cockroaches, contact a reputable pest control company in Sydney.