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Make Sure You Have the Best Subfloor Termite Barriers in Your Pest Control Plan

Best Pipe Subfloor Termite Barriers and Pest Control.

The Best Subfloor Termite Barriers in Your Pest Control Plan

I have inspected thousands of homes. Can you guess what I find eight out of ten times? I regularly find subterranean termites moving inside homes through the sub-floor. Rarely do they start their colony in the roof or inside the wall. The best way to protect the property is to install subfloor termite barriers as a part of the pest control plan for the home and surrounding land.

Termites Love Bathrooms

In the instances where I find termites in the wall or the roof void, it is generally because of:

• A bathroom leak, or;
• A hole in the rooftop.

Access to water is a key requirement for the survival of the termite colony. In warmer months of the year when termites start to colonise new territories, beware of the flying termites. Known as swarms, these termites are looking to become the king or queen of a new colony and are on the search for a good spot with shelter, food, and water. If they land on a leaking roof or poorly sealed plumbing, they have a good jump start for starting a new colony.

What Do You Need to Tackle Subfloor Termites?

If you are treating subfloor termites by yourself, always start and finish with a professional inspection. Qualified pest controllers will be able to direct you to the precise location of the infestation and tell you the exact name of the species.

• A professional inspection to identify the source and type of infestation.
• Appropriate treatments applied to active termites. They will, in turn, infect the colony with poison during their daily grooming routines. Tip: Always spray with care avoiding hazards such as electrical boxes and wiring.
• To plan and complete trenching and treating foundation walls and pillars in the subfloor.
• Repeat professional inspection.

Don’t be disheartened if there is still termite activity after your final inspection. Without ample experience and professional products, subfloor termites can be very tricky to completely eradicate. Either try again or get a professional termite pest controller in to rectify the situation for you. Remember to install a termite barrier. You may feel they are expensive, but they provide great odds of you saving money in the long term.

Install a Termite Barrier Before You Have Termite Damage

I have been installing termite barriers including subfloor termite barriers for years and unfortunately, most of my clients decided to install the barrier after they discovered termites. By this time, they not only have to pay for the termite barrier, but also for the termite damage repair.

When it comes to termites it is better to be proactive rather than reactive. If you can’t afford to install a subfloor termite barrier, at least have regular inspections. Australian standards recommend a minimum of one inspection every 12 months.

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