Do Termites Eat Live Trees? Termite Inspection

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October 22, 2011
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December 3, 2011
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Sometimes clients call asking if termites eat live trees. The answer is yes. However, termites tend to eat parts of the tree, hearthwood, or tree bark that is dead.

In fact, termites are most beneficial to the environment by chewing up dead trees, branches, and bark. They turn the dead trees into an accessible food for plants and insects. Termites benefit the environment in this way. The quicker the dead material is reduced, the faster the tree and surrounding smaller trees can grow.
In fact, if the insect world disappeared today it would be devastating to humans because of all the benefits insects provide. However, if humans were to all disappear, insects and plants would continue to thrive. They don’t need humans to live.

A termite inspection is more critical to have done for buildings and interior portions of homes. However, when the Home Termite Control inspector performs a termite inspection he also evaluates the exterior areas for signs of termites. Generally, you want to keep the termite activity well away from the building.


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