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Favorable Conditions that Encourage Termite Infestation

Subterranean termite invasion is sometimes unconsciously encouraged by human carelessness, giving termites all the conditions conducive for their growth and development. And although minimizing the available soil moisture does not totally abolish the risk of infestation, it makes dry areas less appealing to most subterranean termites.

When the reproductives (king and queen) have mated, they will be looking to establish their own colony, they are exposed to many facets of the environment. As such, if their basic necessities of food, shelter, and moisture are not fulfilled, they will die. Of the several thousands of swarmers that leave the parent colony, very few of them succeed in creating a new colony.

Find below in detail some of the favourable conditions that encourage termite infestation:

Moisture – Subterranean termites rely on moisture to establish and sustain their colonies. Moisture is as well needed by the fungi found in rotten wood, which termites get their protein—no wonder termites so love damp areas. With that in thought, be sure to control unnecessary moisture in and around your household. Leaky showers, downspouts, and gutters; damaged pipes; and dripping faucets should be immediately repaired. Keep your home well-ventilated to let the sunshine and air in, and keep your home away from humidity.

Wood in the soil – Cuts of timber or structural wood touching the soil provide termites with easy access to food, moisture, shelter, as well as direct, concealed entry into the building. Keep all firewood and wooden parts of the house foundation at least 6-inches above the ground. Avoid using wood mulch near the foundation. Don’t stack firewood, lumber, newspaper, and other cellulose materials against the foundation or in the crawlspace.

Dead trees and tree stumps – Termites also dwell in dead trees or tree barks and tree stumps. Dead roots in the soil can as well act as a channel to allow termite invasion. Bad news is that, through these deteriorated trees and barks, termites can easily make their way into your house and cause huge damage to its structure. Be sure to remove these cut down tree stumps, dead trees, and including rotten fences to protect your home from impending termite infestation.

Simply avoid these conditions that make your property a magnet and great target for termite attack. Better yet, consult a professional termite company to further help you know more information about termite prevention and control.

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