6 Tips: How to Select Your Professional Pest Controller

how to select the best pest controller - If you are using a pest service now, first confirm if the inspector has the required qualifications for Home Pest Control Sydney.

Local Certified Termite and Pest Control Companies in Sydney

Pests can be a real pain! With many local pest control companies in Sydney, how do you select the right technician to protect your home? The cheapest or the first one that comes up on the list is not always the best choices.

First and foremost, a professional pest controller must be certified, licensed, and:

• Experienced.
• Holds insurance.
• Answers your questions honestly.
• Offers warranties or guarantees.
• Is up to date with the latest advances in pest control.
• Offers environmentally friendly, low-risk treatments.

Questions to Ask Termite Inspectors in Sydney Before You Select Your Pest Controller

Don’t be hesitant to ask potential pest controllers questions. Below are six questions to ask to help you decide on the right company.

1. What Certification and License Do You Hold?

Per Australian regulations, trainee technicians must do 40 inspections with a qualified Australian termite inspector before they can be certified. The supervising inspector must have a minimum of two years-experience(*1).

In Sydney, pest controllers are licensed by the NSW Environment Protection Authority(*2). Home Termite Control is licensed as a ‘Pest Management Technician’ (reg no. 5072088).

Do not be Held Liable

If your current inspector doesn’t have the above qualifications, it may be time for a change. Why? Some large pest companies may employ people without proper training and you could be held liable(*1).

If a pest controller misuses a pesticide or fails to comply with regulations, you, as well as the controller and the company can be held liable and face penalties(*3).

2. How Long Have You Been in Business?

A pest controller who has seen every kind of house knows the local climate, and every kind of pest will know the industry and their work like the back of their hand.

3. Are You Insured?

Insurance companies for termite and pest services require the technician to complete and lodge a form for every service. If you experience termite damage after service, the insurance company will refer to the form. If it is incomplete or missing, the insurance company will look to the termite inspector for compensation.

4. Can You Provide the Details of the Product/s You Use?

Professional pest controllers are required (by law) to record what they use on your property. If you are looking into a career in pest control, be ready for paperwork! It should be quite easy for them to provide you with the product/s used, at what strength and where they were applied.

Should you develop allergies, or a pet becomes ill, this kind of information can be invaluable.

Responsible controllers will reduce the potential harm to you and your pets wherever possible. There are environmentally friendly, low-risk products available that are highly effective. They don’t even require the controller to wear protective clothing during application(*4).

5. How Long Will the Inspection and Treatment Take?

Termite inspections take time. Your termite inspector should investigate around, under, and inside the home, plus in your roof void. A termite inspection should take a couple of hours. Treatment time may be less depending on the treatment type and if they have been to your property before.

6. What Tools and Equipment Will You Use?

Expect to see the technician use a range of tools (per Australian Standards) including (*5):

• A tapper.
• Moisture meter.
• Torch.
• Screwdriver (or probe).
• Camera.
• Knife.

At Home Termite Control, we are passionate about pest and termite control. You are always welcome to ask questions because we want you to feel 100% comfortable. Contact us online or by phone (0488 991 126 or 29454 7774) during business hours. We are looking forward to hearing from you!



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