Termite Property Inspections for Real Estate House Agents

Real estate termite inspection before buying a house. Hire a professional termite inspector before purchasing a house.

Home for Sale? Time to Book a Qualified Termite and Pest Inspector

Real estate agents have a good reason to arrange for termite inspections before closing on a property sale. Reputations are built on providing reliable and trustworthy service and sales. The last thing a realtor wants is to lose a sale because a termite inspection was not completed or was not provided for the home. At Home Termite Control, we work with real estate brokers and their agents to accommodate their schedules so they can be present during a termite inspection.

Buying a Property – Whether Newly Built or Existing

Are you buying a property? If you are not 100% certain that the buildings and structures aren’t infested with termites – chances are you are investing in a problem.

As a property owner or buyer, arranging for a termite inspection is the only way to ensure peace of mind that the building’s cellulose materials are not currently a daily meal for termites(*1). If you are selling your home, a property inspection gives you the chance to(*1):

• Disclose the results honestly and transparently.
• Fix any issues that are found in the report.
• Give your buyers complete peace of mind.

Do Real Estates Have to Organise Termite Property Inspections Before a Sale?

Real estate agents are not required by law to organise pre-purchase termite and pest inspections. However, if the agent is aware that a report has been completed, they must tell the buyers about this before a contract of sale is entered into(*2).

If you have found the house of your dreams, be sure to hire a professional home inspector and termite company to do a thorough pre-purchase termite inspection.

Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection – Buying? It is Time to Book Your Inspection

When we do inspections, we spend a couple of hours (at least) at the property(*3). During this time, we thoroughly examine the house, sheds, garages, yard and around pools and other areas for signs of:

• Prior termite infestations.
• Active termite infestations.
• What (if any) termite barrier systems have been installed.

If there is evidence of prior infestations or even an active infestation, you may or may not want to cut your losses(*4). Some people negotiate lower purchase prices. Some request the owners to repair damage and/or manage the infestation before going ahead with the purchase.

This is a decision that is entirely yours to make. With the professional advice of your termite inspector, you will be well equipped and informed to make the decision that is right for you.

Who Manages Termites in Rental Properties?

When landlords organise harmful chemicals for cleaning - Real estate termite inspection for home sale

Realtors (and thus landlords) are usually responsible for keeping the property rented as well as maintained. If termites were active before the tenant moved in, the landlord (real estate) would need to organise extermination(*5). According to NSW Fair Trading(*5), if a pest or vermin issue arises after a tenant has moved in, it may be their responsibility. This legislation is in place to protect landlords from being forced to pay for pest and vermin eradication when the tenant has created the problem. For example, they have left rubbish laying around and attracted cockroaches and mice(*5).

When it comes to termites:

  1. Discuss your concerns with your real estate agent. They will contact the landlord.
  2. If you need further advice, contact NSW Fair Trading for more information.

If termites are suspected, it is in the real estate and landlord’s best interest to act quickly because termites can impact the structural integrity of the home. Repairs also often cost much more than the inspection and barrier systems. Prevention is the cure!

Termite Inspection Packages for Real Estate Agents

Contact Home Termite Control to discuss termite inspections for rental properties you are managing. We offer very competitive packages for property managers seeking termite inspection services for multiple locations.

Call our Sydney office at 02 9454 7774 or 1300 CatchM (1300 228 246).

Phone: 0488 991 126 or (02) 9454 7774
Email: info@hometermitecontrolsydney.com.au

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