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Termite Inspections for Realtors

Real estate termite inspection before buying a house. Hire a professional termite inspector before purchasing a house.

Realtors have a good reason to arrange for termite inspections before closing on a property sale if they are managing rental property.  Reputations are built on providing reliable service and sales.  The last thing a realtor wants is to lose a sale because a termite inspection wasn’t completed.  At Home Termite Control, we work with real estate brokers and their agents to accommodate their schedules so they can be present during a termite inspection.

Are you buying property that you suspect has termite damage? If you aren’t absolutely certain that that the buildings and structures aren’t infested with termites then chances are you are investing in a problem. As a property owner or buyer arranging for a termite inspection is the only way to ensure peace of mind that the building wooden structures aren’t a daily meal for termites.

Hire a professional home inspector and termite company to do a thorough termite inspection of the property and all components before moving forward with a purchase or sale of property.

Realtors involved with property rentals are usually responsible for keeping the property rented as well as maintained and therefore need to provide a regular pest control services to keep spiders, cockroaches and other vermin at bay.  This should include a termite inspection and termite control program as part of an ongoing prevention service.  Spiders may cause a renter to scream, but damage caused by termites will elicit uproar from the property owner.

Contact Home Termite Control to discuss your property responsibilities.  We offer very competitive packages for property managers seeking termite inspection services for multiple locations.
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