You Won’t Believe Where We Found a Termite Mud Nest. In and Around a Milk Crate plus Electrical Cables Under House!

Termite Mud Nest Mound in House and Termite Nest Under House. We Found a Termite Mud Nest Around a milk crate and Electrical Cables.

Termite Mounds Cause a Dangerous Electrical Situation in a House located in the Upper North Shore Suburb of Sydney

The homeowner in St Ives was having some strange electrical problems in their house. After a complete termite and pest inspection by our technicians, they could not believe what was found. Termites had built a mud nest (like a mound) around the electrical cables in and under the house! Had the termites continued with their activities, the house and residents would have been at risk of an electrical fire. They also could have lost their home.

We Found a Termite Nest Under a Home in Sydney’s Upper North Shore Suburb.

Termite Mud Nest Mound Nest under House. We Found a Termite Mud Nest Around a milk crate and Electrical Cables.


Termites can strike anywhere in and around the house. Lady luck was looking over this home. Yes, the termites had caused damage and a major inconvenience. However, luckily, there were no injuries, fatalities, or irreparable damage to the home.

The quick thinking of the homeowner to call our team certainly saved the house. It also saved their greatest asset as termite damage is not covered by home insurance. If you have noticed something strange in your home, do not hope lady luck will be so kind! Be sure to call us on (02) 9454 7774 to book an annual termite inspection.

For the cost of just one night away, you can rest knowing your home is safe and secure(*1). Better yet, you can have peace of mind that your greatest asset is being taken care of.

Every Australian Home Should Expect to Have Termites Sooner or Later

Some builders have a tongue-in-cheek joke that is quite true (and serious) regarding Australian homes. They say, when it comes to Australian homes, there are only two different kinds(*2):

  1. A house with termites.
  2. A house that will get termites sooner or later.

Termite Mud Nest Mound Nest under House. We Found a Termite Mud Nest Around Electrical Cables.

Can Termites Chew Through Plastic?

You bet they can! (*3) Termites have incredibly strong jaws and can chew through a vast range of materials(*4). They do not only chew to eat. They also chew through materials to reach something they can sense will be a delicious meal or reliable source of water for the colony.

Electrical Safety in, Under and Around the House

Sydney may be home to some of the most damaging termites in the world, but there is some good news. We are also lucky to have some of the most knowledgeable and reliable experts in the world right here as well.

If you are having any strange electrical problems, like the homeowners in this story, call in professionals. We recommend you contact both our team and a licensed electrician(*5). A licensed electrician can do a full check over your home to ensure it is safe for you, your family, and our team.

Buying a new home or need to have your existing home checked over for pests and termites? Contact us today to arrange a comprehensive termite and pest inspection.




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