Termite Management System & Treatment Prices: How Much Will it Cost?

Termite Management System Cost Near Me, Termite Prevention Treatment Prices. White Ant Prevention for all Sydney Homes

White Ant Prevention for all Sydney Homes: From Balmain to Clovelly (and More)

The phrase, ‘bull in a China shop’, comes to mind when termites move into a home. They work 24/7 and are quite ambitious! The entire Sydney region provides an ideal climate for termites to thrive in. Therefore, we highly recommend termite prevention and management systems. They are easy to set up and take the worry out of potential termite damage. Looking for ‘termite treatment costs near me’? Our prices depend on what services you require.

• Already have preventative systems installed? You may only need us to attend your property annually to check everything is in order.
• Buying a new home? You will need a pre-purchase inspection.
• Building or renovating? New barrier systems may be required.
• Worried you may have termites? Contact us immediately to book an inspection. We can also identify other species of pest and eradicate them if need be.

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Termite Prevention Prices and Management Costs

Termites cause $1.5+ billion worth of damage every year to Australian homes! (*2)

Without professional treatments, you might end up with $10,000’s of damage – especially if you put it off(*1). Why? Because the better-established termites become, the more damage they cause. In some cases, homes must be demolished and re-built. Prevention costs only a fraction of damage repairs or rebuilding.

Tip: Look for pest controllers with plenty of experience, free quotes, and free follow-ups.

What Prevention System Do You Have?

25% of homeowners do not know if their home is protected against termites(*3).

Most people discover termites when they find damaged wood. Walls are the most commonplace that termites establish themselves in the house(*3). As termites eat from the inside out, the damage is often quite significant by the time it is noticed.

Termites Damage More Than Just Wood and Timber

While termites mainly eat wood, they can also damage other parts of the house – such as:

• Insulation(*4).
• Carpets.
• Curtains.
• Bookcases and books.
• Window frames, and much more.

Termite Reports for Selling a House

There are regulations in place to safeguard buyers regarding termites(*5). More on this topic here.

Termite Management System Cost Near Me, Termite Prevention Treatment Prices.

More on Termite Management and Treatment Costs

Costs vary depending on the severity of the infestation and the size of the property to be treated and/or protected. If caught early, the cost may be minimal – particularly if there is no structural damage. We have seen damage repairs from between $500 – $10,000s. Another determining factor affecting costs is the type of method used. You may need some spraying or perhaps a more complex baiting system, etc.

DIY Termite Treatments – Do They Save Money?

From what we have seen over decades of working in the industry, the answer is no. Different species of termites require different approaches and professional products. Doing it yourself puts your property at greater risk (as the queen termite may not be killed).

Termites, white ants, problem makers – whatever you call them, we know how to eliminate them and stop them from returning. Quotes are free and so are our follow-ups!

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