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Which is Better? Professional Termite Control vs Do-It-Yourself Termite Treatment

Some people these days are into Do-It-Yourself activities that sometimes even as serious as termite treatment sounds more appealing to them than hiring a professional termite control company. DIY termite treatment methods range from using boric acid, chemical sprays, orange oil, nematodes, etc. Despite these numerous DIY on how to control termites at home, the essential question to ask is, which is better and more effective—hiring a professional termite exterminator or doing it on your own?

First of all, you need to understand that termite control is one of the most complex and challenging jobs in pest control. It requires comprehensive knowledge of termite biology, building construction and government policies. Extra care must be implemented to prevent contamination of living areas, air-conditioning and heating systems, and water supplies. Plus, efficient termite treatment also needs specific equipment and tools that are usually unavailable and unfamiliar to amateurs.

And contrary to common misconception that DIY termite control method can save you money, it can actually cost you many times more in the long run. This is because ineffective DIY termite procedures can further prolong your termite problem, which means you need to spend more money to let the professionals find and treat all signs of termite infestation. After that you need to spend a lot more money to fix the termite damages in your home.

Besides, the advantage of hiring services of a termite exterminator is not only having the necessary materials and licensing permits but they as well offer termite bond/warranty for your total peace of mind. The termite warranty usually covers re-treatment if required in the future, see terms and conditions for more details. Termite inspection (Sydney) will thoroughly perform a home inspection to check for signs of termite invasion, including signs of termite infestation in the roof cavity and all other areas in and around your house. They will also answer the common question, “how much does termite treatment cost?” In fact, they will provide you with a written plan for termite control procedures and cost. Check our Termite treatment prices for more information.

To conclude, leaving it to the termite experts is the best way to go to kill different types of termites and prevent further termite damage. So if you suspect your house has signs of termite infestation, or if you haven’t had a termite inspection in the last 12 months, you must contact a termite inspection (Sydney) company—and not try to combat your termite problem on your own.

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