Which is Best? Professional Termite Exterminators vs Do-It-Yourself Treatments

Professional Termite Treatment, BestTermite Exterminators vs Do-It-Yourself Treatments.

What Exterminator Products Clear Termites From in and Near the Home?

Worried you have termites in or near your home? Did someone mention trying boric acid before calling in professional exterminators? Sorry folks. Boric acid is not the best DIY product to use around the home because it is toxic to pets and people. Furthermore, it is as helpful at killing termite colonies as water is in the oil in your car… Not very handy at all. Do-it-yourself boric acid treatments for termites have a low success rate. This is because each termite in the colony must:

• Walkthrough the acid.
• Coat themselves in it.
• Ingest it. Then, about 10 days later they may die(*1).

When the average termite colony size is in the millions, there is no way to reach them all with boric acid. What else? Unfortunately, fly spray and orange oil are also not effective.

We are not out to crush all your DIY dreams! If your do-it-yourself urge is strong, we have some jobs you can do around your home to better protect it against termites.

We have prepared this blog to raise awareness about DIY termite treatments. We want homeowners to have the best chance at protecting their homes. If there was a DIY termite treatment available to homeowners that worked, we would be glad to share it.

 We have seen the heartbreak of homeowners who have just found out that home insurance does not cover termite damage. Please call in professionals if you suspect termites or haven’t had an inspection in 12 months.

Does Boric Acid Work as a DIY Termite Treatment?

Boric acid (like diatomaceous earth) is not effective at eradicating termite colonies. Both products dry out the insect’s exoskeleton causing them to dehydrate(*1,2). The termite queen has usually hidden far away (as far as 100m from the house). There is no way for boric acid to reach her and stop her breeding. The termites most often seen are the workers and soldiers.

The Best Termite Treatment

Termite control is one of the most complex and challenging jobs in pest control. It requires comprehensive knowledge of termite biology, their caste systems, and differences between species. That is in addition to building and construction standards and government policies. Extra care must be implemented to prevent contamination of living areas, HVAC systems, and water supplies. Efficient termite treatments require specific equipment, tools, and regulated products.

Professional termite exterminators are:

• Expertly trained.
• Up to date on the latest product developments and species’ outbreaks(*3).
• They usually offer termite bonds or warranties and provide free follow-ups. The termite warranty usually covers re-treatment if required. See their terms and conditions for more details.

What to Expect From Your Pest Controller

BestTermite Exterminators vs Do-It-Yourself Treatments.

Home Termite Control in Sydney performs thorough home inspections. This includes signs of infestations in the roof cavity and all other areas in and around your house. They will also answer the common question, “how much do termite treatments cost?” In fact, they will provide you with a written plan for termite control procedures and costs. Learn more here.

To conclude, leaving it to the termite experts is the best way to go to kill different types of termites and prevent further damage. So, if you suspect you have a termite infestation, or if you haven’t had a termite inspection in the last 12 months, contact Home Termite Control.



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