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Termite Inspector Sydney-How to Select Your Pest Controller

According to Australian regulations a termite inspector can’t be certified until he or she has inspected 40 buildings with a qualified Australian termite inspector. That training termite inspector must have a minimum of 2 years experience performing termite inspections. If you are using a pest service now, ask if the inspector has the above qualifications. […]

The Best Answer for Termite Control – Pre-Treatment

This article is directed to building contractors, architects, new home builders and remodelers. The best way to protect property value and even increase its value it to put in place a sound termite control system before finishing out the building. A termite control process that pre-treats the construction elements is cheap, yet extremely effective when […]

Which is Better? Professional Termite Control vs Do-It-Yourself Termite Treatment

Some people these days are into Do-It-Yourself activities that sometimes even as serious as termite treatment sounds more appealing to them than hiring a professional termite control company. DIY termite treatment methods range from using boric acid, chemical sprays, orange oil, nematodes, etc. Despite these numerous DIY on how to control termites at home, the […]

Benefits of Hiring a Termite Specialist: Benefits of Hiring a Termite Specialist: Why You Need a Professional Termite Control Company

Termite infestation can literally tear your house down into crumbs if not treated immediately. Any delay in termite treatment may result in further damage. While there are some DIY methods that you can implement, it’s always best to ask help from professionals as soon as you notice any signs of termite infestation. Remember home insurance […]