General Pest and Termite Control Tips

General Pest Termite Control Tips, Management and Termite Prevention Control.

10 Year-Round Termite Prevention and Pest Control Tips

Do not let General Pest Management Become a Nightmare!

We are always asked for the best pest prevention tips for homes and business. General pest control and management does not have to be a laborious task. Follow our 10 termite prevention and pest control tips. Take charge of protecting your biggest assets all year round.

As the seasons change, so do the creatures that start looking to our homes for their new residence. Below are five tips for summer pest prevention and five tips for winter pest prevention.

It is Time to Protect Your Home and Business

Although we specialise in termite control(*1), our tips also help control other insects and creatures. By taking action to prevent termites, you are also helping prevent:

• Spiders
• Rodents
• Cockroaches and more from causing damage and spreading disease.

Do you own a commercial property? Do you manage a business? Controlling pests and termites is just as important as protecting a residential building(*2). After all, your business depends on you providing a safe and healthy environment for the occupants. Losing customers and stock to pests that could have been prevented is heartbreaking. Not only that, repairs often cost much more than the prevention methods.

If you don’t have time or need a hand, then feel free to contact us to conduct an inspection. We can also help tailor a prevention plan with annual checks of your property to ensure it is protected 24/7.

5 Summer Pest Management Tips

As the temperature increases, insects seem to magically show up. There is literally a ‘buzz’ to summer in Australia. However, there are some insects that often move into properties completely undetected.

These are termites, which are also known as white ants(*3). Most property owners are not aware of termites until there is considerable damage. They are silent destroyers and can swiftly move into our homes and businesses undetected.

• Eliminate sources of water that cause constant dampness.
• Clear out drains and blocked gutters.
• Re-route water away from the building’s foundation.
• Remove woodpiles that are near or underneath buildings.
• Cutaway branches and shrubs that are leaning on exterior walls.

5 Winter Pest Control Tips

Winter is also a time when the pest population increases in buildings. Just as we head indoors when it is cold and rainy, so do many pests.

1. Seal open cracks and holes.
2. Clear the floor by storing items up on shelving.
3. Routinely clear kitchen and household rubbish.
4. Increase the natural light in dark rooms.
5. Keep fire-wood stores in sealed spaces.

Top Pest Issues in Winter

• Mice infestations.
• Cockroaches.
• Silverfish.
• Spiders.

All these pests can be detrimental to businesses. From food outlets, office buildings, industrial sites, grocery stores, warehouses, to education and medical facilities. If you are unsure what pests you have lurking around your business, contact a professional pest inspector. The correct identification and quickly addressing an infestation will save you a lot of stress.

Pest Inspections

For personalised recommendations on what you can do around your home and property, contact Home Termite Control for a pest inspection. Put your mind at ease knowing you are completely protected from termites and other pests moving in with you.

If you have an outbreak of pests, contact us immediately for Sydney’s most trusted pest and termite control solutions.



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