Termite Baiting

Termite baiting systems are installed in the ground around your home by a pest control technician.  They contain a specific wood that appeal to any subterranean termites within a limited area around the baiting system in preference to other available material in the area (like your home).

Baiting systems are designed to be monitored regularly to detect any subterranean termite activity in the area prior to them progressing to your home so that action can be taken to, ideally, prevent a home attack altogether.

If activity is detected, poisoned baits are placed inside the baiting systems. The poison used not only clings to the termites but is also ingested and, once the insect returns to its nest, the colony is affected and eventually exterminated.

Environmentally friendly solutions

After many termite pesticides were banned during the 1990s due to their impact on other insects like bees, termite baiting is now a safe option for homeowners.

Our baiting systems are environmentally friendly, highly effective in the extermination of termites and also safe for humans, pets and other insects.

Nemesis termite baits are extremely effective, eco-friendly and have been used by our experienced pest controllers for over a decade.

Our technicians are highly trained in all Sydney conditions and species of termite and will reliably identify and recommend the most effective treatment and prevention options for your unique circumstances.

Get in touch with our team today  to find out whether this solution is right for your needs.