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Organic Termite & Pest Control Tips for Sydney Homes (from the Ancient Incas)

What Can History Teach About Pest Control? Physical Barrier Systems and More

Organic pest control in Sydney? It sounds romantic but it is achievable. Here, we take tips from the ancient Inca Empire for organic pest control you can implement right now. Learn all about modern organic chemical and physical barrier systems.

3 Steps to Organic Pest Control for Sydney Homes

Termite Control Tips directly from the ancient civilization of the Incas with Brad the Home Termite Control Inspection Man

  1. Make your home unappealing to termites.
  2. Secure your home with physical and organic chemical barrier systems.
  3. If you need to have your home treated, opt for environmentally friendly products.

What can Ancient People Teach Us About Organic Pest Control?

Termites have been in existence for 479 million years(*1). At most, humans are six million years old(*2) – but our termite prevention and eradication methods have now caught up.

Attached is a photo of me in Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas. They lived there over 500 years ago(*3). Incas were amazing engineers who:

• Had automatic reticulation systems to water crops.
• Designed highly advanced aqueduct systems.
• Were diligent with hygiene and had a clean sewerage system.
• Stored crops and materials in sealed areas away from insects and animals.

Whether they realised it or not, they had built physical termite barrier systems. The Inca’s are still teaching and reminding us that prevention is the best cure.

Turn Your Home into a Termite-Free Zone

Humid, muggy, wet tropical days and easy access to cellulose is the perfect day for any termite. The first thing you can do to turn your home into a termite-free zone is to make it completely unappealing(*4) (to termites).

• Brighten up dark areas.
• Ventilate and dry moist areas.
• Remove products with cellulose (wood, plant matter, mulch, paper products).

Not sure where to begin?

• Do you have any scrap timber stored under the house?
• Have you had your subfloor ventilation inspected?
• Is water run-off pooling anywhere?

Organic Pest Control Barrier Systems

Eco-friendly chemical and physical barriers stop the most damaging species of termites in their tracks.

Physical Barrier Systems

Physically blocking off entry to your home with physical barrier systems is a great prevention method. If you are building or renovating, be sure to get an expert to install physical barriers. These may include metal shields, mesh, or granules(*5). There is a wide range of options available to suit every property.

Chemical Barrier Systems – One Step Ahead of the Incas

We can also install a chemical barrier to protect your home. If termites are present, they can be eradicated with safe termiticides such as:

• DuPont

Chemical Barrier Installation

In most cases, I dig a trench around the perimeter of the home and then insert the chemical barrier. Where the home is surrounded by concrete slabs, tiles, or bricks, I drill small holes 250mm apart. Approximately five hundred litres of the treatment is used at most properties. These barriers can protect the home for many years. Another method is to create a chemical barrier under the sub-floor.

Our tip:

Higher performing, long-term results are usually achieved with slightly more expensive treatments. Always ask your technician what product they are using and at what concentration. Spending a little extra now can save you money in the long run.

Say goodbye to termites (naturally)! Learn more about termite treatments at Always avoid chemicals that have not been professionally developed and tested.

Why You Must Get a Termite Inspection Before Installing Barrier Systems

There must not be any termites in the home before installing barrier systems. An established colony will already have access to water and food – and they will be trapped IN your home. Always get a comprehensive termite inspection before installing physical or chemical barriers. The last thing you want is to force the termites to stay in your home.

Are you looking to install physical or chemical barrier systems in your Sydney home? Contact us for an inspection and to discuss our organic pest control options.


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