Termite Damage: How Termite Can Greatly Harm your Home?

One of the most common questions about termites is: How serious can termites hurt my home? Well,
simply put—termite damage amounts to billions of dollars each year. Never undermine these little
creatures’ capabilities. They can slowly but surely destroy various things ranging from bearers and joists and floor boards to the roof rafters and more. They would also like to eat timber furniture, trees and shrubs, books and other paper products, and even swimming pool liners and filtration systems. These pests have also caused fire by shorting electric wiring in subfloor areas and roof cavities

Having termites in your property can as well hinder you from selling your home. Not many potential buyers want to buy a house infested with termites, and without successfully passing a termite inspection. Besides the financial impact of termite damage, it can also be emotionally frustrating finding thousands of winged termites surfacing in one’s home—knowing that they are silently devouring your precious investments.

Nevertheless, if termites exist in your house, they can take quite some time before you notice any grave damage. In most cases, it takes about two years or so before you actually see any signs of termite infestation. But don’t get too comfy either because a strong colony can eat an entire foot of a 2×4 in just a few months’ time. While it doesn’t sound so awful, the degree of the damage depends on how it’s extensively distributed in your house. Remember that termites don’t normally consume the whole plank; they burrow around in them. So, it’s really difficult to assess how much it will cost to repair the damage.

Even though structural damage due to termites is not unusual, it can be repaired. Sometimes, reinforcing the damaged wood would be fine if it wasn’t destroyed much. And to totally prevent costly repairs, homeowners should consider regular termite inspections and treatments from professional pest controllers. Reliable Pest control companies will be able to provide you a comprehensive report that outlines the present damage; as well as causes, and locations of the damage. Areas with a high threat of termite infestation include damp areas, woodpiles and loose wooden panels. Dealing with these risks also helps prevent termite damage, and can save a huge amount of money on structural repairs.

A state forests of New South Wales survey carried out in 1982-83 indicated that at least 20 percent of houses surveyed in New South Wales had a termite history or a current termite infestation. In some instances where active termites were recorded, it was the survey that revealed their presence.

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